Why I love lunch at Memaw's!

Who doesn't love a good southern style Sunday lunch...followed by a Sunday afternoon nap!!!

I found PacMan

Apparently, he was hiding out in my tortilla soup. Good to know!

Spring Weather

Starting to look a little ominous. The temperature is perfect though!


Any else expect to see the clown from "It" in this place?

Another One

She just looked so cute from the back too!

Ella...Still Enough for the Camera

Just a midweek trip to Sam's. Baby, it's cold outside.


This is the result of the goldfish mass suicide. RIP

Another Goldfish Catastrophe

Why is it always MY car?

Still Painting

So much PINK!!!

Friend's New Baby

So Cute!!!

Just looked down in the stroller and Eden looked so sweet! Had to post.

Eden's First Mashed Potatoes

Figured I'd try it...and she loved them!

View from the Backseat

Ella is in a great mood!

Ella's New Room

Or at least it will be when we are done.

Testing Out One of My Birthday Gifts

And a big thank you goes to my friend Chris for this one!