Nothing much to say

Been working at the new job for almost two weeks now and really like it. At my old job it was not uncommon for me to be working on a number of major projects and countless minor ones while doing research and development on any new technology that came my way. As a contractor, I work on one thing. Such an amazing change of pace! I like both and can benefits to either one. It is different though.

I like it. Nuff said.

And here's a picture from a year ago on our main family blog.

I can't believe it's only been a year since we found out baby #2 was going to be a girl…and now Eden just turned 7 months.

I know, random post.

The New Job

Have you ever had something so good happen to you that you were afraid to say anything about it and jinx yourself? Or afraid that you misunderstood something and were going to look like an idiot later? That's what has kept me from saying anything about the new job until today.

I got a call two weeks ago from someone who had received my resume from a friend. The person who ended up with it called and started talking to me about the position that they were looking to fill. It was absolutely right up my alley! It sounded exciting (in that nerdy IT way) and was all stuff that I was confident in doing. The pay was better than my last job! The only thing really that different is that it was a contract position instead of full time employee. (The reason that could have been scary is depending on how a contractor is hired, they sometimes have to pay more taxes than the average employee. Not so with this gig so all is cool.)

In fact, it sounded so good I figured something was amiss. But after today and seeing the responsibilities before me, I am very confident that this is not only something I can do but something I can do really well! I am working with a partner of IBM on one of IBM's projects doing a data modeling and reporting project. In short, what I was looking for.

The office was very comfortable to work in and is only 17 minutes from my house. It is half the distance, but same route, as my old job...except I get off the freeway on 635 where the traffic begins. So, while it is only half the distance, it is less than a third of the travel time. It was so nice this morning to exit the freeway right at the point where 635 turned into a parking lot! It's the first time that traffic has ever made me smile. HA!!!

I did eat lunch alone today. So, that was sad, but I'm close enough to a lot of people I know that I can easily plan to not have that happen again on the days I have to go in to the office. Oh, and speaking of that...I GET TO WORK FROM HOME MOST OF THE TIME!!! I will have to go in at the beginning to get accustomed to the project, but after that I have the freedom to work most of the time from home. This is great since I can work so much faster at home where there are ZERO distractions.

Like I said, it sounded too good to be true so I didn't say anything. But, I actually DID go into work today and confirmed that it was an honest to goodness job.

Thank you so much for everyone's prayers and love. It made such a huge impact on me during what could have been a very trying time. I think there was one day that I was stressing out, but other than that I felt a peace the whole time that I was going to be taken care of...and I feel that I have been.

I can't wait to not sit in traffic again tomorrow! MWA HA HA HA!!!!