Chow Thai

Thai food for dinner. Normally I eat here for lunch...dinner is a tad bit romantic for me and a guy friend. Oh well...I'm hungry.

Friday Night

When the parking lot is this probably means I left WAY too late for a Friday afternoon.

Lunch Car

Went to Norma's for lunch. Mmm

Foggy 2


I wish I could stop and take pictures with the Canon.

The Ice is Melting

After I couldn't get to work, I came home and took some pictures to document the weather at the house. These are NOT from the camera phone, so the quality is a little bit better. Enjoy.

Shining Tree
This is my favorite one.

Frostbite Tree
Second favorite.

Frozen Bush
I was pleased with how well this one came out.

This was AFTER the vehicle had been driven for a while!

As much "snow" as Texas can get
What was left of the tragic DFW Snow Storm of January 2009!!!

The Ice Won

On my way back home.

The roads weren't too bad, but the traffic is awful! After only going 7 miles in 50 minutes, I decided to just come back home (the whole trip to work is 30 I only made it 1/4 of the way.) This picture is the drive back where the traffic wasn't so bad; I didn't think to get one when I was sitting in the parking lot that is 635.

That was a fun way to waste an hour and a half! :(

Team Building

30 straws. 30 in of tape. Corporate goodness!

*Edit* WE WON! Our egg lasted the longest of the 7 groups. We rule!!!


All day IT conference...for2 days. Yay! I dig this stuff.

Yuck Weather

Traffic should be a delight. Truth be told...I actually love when the weather is gray and rainy.

Matt's Hat

Thought I'd try it on. Think I'll forego the golf hats.


Some coworkers like the drinky drinks.

Work Party

Yeah for company paid food and alcohol! My friend Bryan is crazy drunk on SODA!

Bad Weather

This is the view from my desk. The weather is getting really ugly now. I just called Kaylane and asked her to consider leaving work a little early.

Green Tea

This is how I start every morning... (Thank you to those who bought me Tazo's Zen green tea for Christmas.)

Grocery Store

Grocery shopping with the fam. Apparently everyone else is shopping right now too!


Shot of me pinning my nephew down on the floor. He wouldn't sit still enough for a picture any other way.

At My Niece's Birthday Party

There is lots of pink wrapping paper, Barbie, and Hannah Montana!

Pei Wei

The honey seared chicken is so good. And I love eating tons of fortune cookies and drinking chai tea.

Ghengis Grill

I love this place!

Waiting for the Pump

I hate getting gas in the morning. Especially when it is 33 degrees!

If I was King

I was thinking this morning how much power we assume the president has. We blame one for everything that happened and we count on the other to bring heaven to earth. I was thinking that we view them more as a king than someone presiding over the country.

Which made me think, "What if I was king?" First off, I think it would be a bad choice. I know this because of the laws that I immediately felt should be put into place. I have enough that I thought of just this morning that I'm going to do a series of these.

So today I present some of my nerd laws.

Click the Read More button for the list.

Nerd Laws:

1. Microsoft would have to fully reimburse anyone who has received the Ring of Death on their Xbox 360.

2. Mac would have to fully reimburse anyone who has had an iPod that has broken.

3. Sony would have to fully reimburse anyone who has purchased a PS3. Period. It doesn't even have to break. They should be ashamed of how much that thing costs!

4. Mac would have to show the price range of their computers and the PCs computers on those stupid commercials with the young & cool Mac guy and the old & nerdy PC guy. Better yet, those commercials would just be illegal.

5. YouTube would have to put the sound back on their videos. I don't care if there is a copyright. *Edit* Here's the story on this one: Link.

6. Napster would be free again. (I missed out the first time.)

7. Wireless internet would be free. The government would pay for it; I'm going to tax everyone anyway.

That's enough for now. I'd like to hear any other nerd laws that should be put into effect when I am in power.


I put a tent up in the front room for Ella. I am pretty sure that Kaylane will be opposed to it becoming a permanent fixture.

Out of the Building

My office is FREEZING today. At Lunch. Thought Obama's speech was really nice.

Safe and Non-Toxic Hallucinations

Stumbled across this article which explains a few hallucinations that can be obtained just through fooling your brain. I promise, no alcohol or drugs were used.

I'm not going to lie, I'm tempted to try a few. I mean seriously, what else are you going to do with a static radio station and two halved ping-pong balls. Curious if anyone tries any of these.


Dream Wishlist

We all have that Dream Wishlist that we mentally add to when we see something we think is really cool. It usually goes something like this: "Oooh! I want that!" We know that chances are we'll never get it, but it's still nice to think about it.

I was going through my Google Reader feeds and saw this couch. I know I'll never have it, but I can still add it to the list. More fun stuff is found on this site: Lucinda Symons.

Eden and Mema

At the grandparent's house for lunch.


Much harder to get to with two little ones!

Ella (Sort of...)

I have tried countless times to capture my oldest daughter on my phone's camera. Children her age never stay still long enough to be anything clearer than a blur!


Does anyone even eat this? I mean, seriously.

I should also mention that Albertson's was playing Guns 'n' Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine" on the speakers. I feel sad inside about that.

Late Lunch

Having a late lunch with my friend Tyler. Panera. Mmmm.

At Mema's

Helping her set up her new phone.

Late Night Snack

There's gotta be SOMETHING in here to eat before I head off to sleep. Yeah sleep. That's where I'm a viking!

Earbuds = Dirty Nasty Filthiness

I never liked the way the iPod earbuds felt in the first place. They always felt like little stones were being crammed into my ear lobes. But now it appears that science has proven another reason to not use them: they're dirty. Who would have thought that something you stick in your ear has bacteria!

And don't even think about sharing those nasty things!

Full story


Guess where we went for dinner.

Friday Drive Home

Always nice to be going home for the weekend, but it's the worst traffic of the week. I wish my car had a rocket launcher!

What I Saw at Lunch

This poor little car makes me thankful for my vehicle. Though I envy the rockin color!

View Above the Airport

I think it's the fire fighter's training grounds. Still always odd to see smoke over DFW airport!

Invisible Cloak Coming Soon!

I always got mad that the Klingons got cloaking shields but the Federation did not. Looks like reality is closing in on righting this fictional wrong.

I do think it is interesting who we are partnering with on this endeavor though. Who would have thought we would have teamed up with the Chinese for something like this!

Click here for full story...

Going to Bed

This hangs in our bathroom downstairs. I painted it when Kaylane and I were first married.

The Drive Home

The Drive Home, originally uploaded by mail4david2c.

Nothing tops the day off like rush hour traffic in the dark. Plus I have to use the bathroom really bad.

Coat Weather

Coat Weather, originally uploaded by mail4david2c.

Definitely wearing the trench coat this morning. I'm the corporate Neo.


Choices, originally uploaded by mail4david2c.

Unfortunately none of my shirts have any blood stains. (Fight Club reference )


ACTION!, originally uploaded by mail4david2c.

So I may have over slept. I guess I have to start the day sometime. (The sad part is that I'm sure I will still beat some coworkers in. )