If I was King

I was thinking this morning how much power we assume the president has. We blame one for everything that happened and we count on the other to bring heaven to earth. I was thinking that we view them more as a king than someone presiding over the country.

Which made me think, "What if I was king?" First off, I think it would be a bad choice. I know this because of the laws that I immediately felt should be put into place. I have enough that I thought of just this morning that I'm going to do a series of these.

So today I present some of my nerd laws.

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Nerd Laws:

1. Microsoft would have to fully reimburse anyone who has received the Ring of Death on their Xbox 360.

2. Mac would have to fully reimburse anyone who has had an iPod that has broken.

3. Sony would have to fully reimburse anyone who has purchased a PS3. Period. It doesn't even have to break. They should be ashamed of how much that thing costs!

4. Mac would have to show the price range of their computers and the PCs computers on those stupid commercials with the young & cool Mac guy and the old & nerdy PC guy. Better yet, those commercials would just be illegal.

5. YouTube would have to put the sound back on their videos. I don't care if there is a copyright. *Edit* Here's the story on this one: Link.

6. Napster would be free again. (I missed out the first time.)

7. Wireless internet would be free. The government would pay for it; I'm going to tax everyone anyway.

That's enough for now. I'd like to hear any other nerd laws that should be put into effect when I am in power.


  1. I don't get #5. There is sound. ???

  2. I posted a link after number 5 to explain it. Apparently YouTube is removing the audio from a growing number of videos. Tear. :(