What do you want to see?

I'm curious as to what people might like to see on this site. I've noticed a fair amount of traffic and even have five people willing to admit that they are following, but not sure if anyone really likes what they've seen or not. I don't mind not getting comments, especially when I can see people ARE coming...just curious.

Anyone have thoughts on what they like so far or what they want to see more of?

I promise, this won't become a site where I cry for people to leave comments. Really just trying to get a gauge of what is appealing. Either way, thus far I have enjoyed taking tons of camera phone shots. :)


  1. Unfortunately my computer does not like your site and will almost never fully download when I try to view your stories or photos. It's very annoying. :(

  2. I want to see how your house is coming along, what you and your family do in your spare time, and since you are awesome at photos I think you might be able to take some great ones with your kids having food all over their faces, etc. But otherwise just photos that have life to them. :)

  3. Look I'm not a troll any more :D